Hundreds of football fans, including mothers and children, were left stranded on a frigid night after attending a high school game at Cowboys Stadium on Friday.

When the pigskin fanatics found out their cars had been towed during the game, they blamed Cowboys Stadium employees for the calamity. Dozens of vehicles were taken to a local Arlington impound lot on a 46-degree night.

Fans were attending the Texas 3A, DI state championship game between Tyler Chapel Hill and Alvarado, the first of many state championship games that will be held at Cowboys Stadium until the end of next weekend.

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NBC Dallas reports that some victims of the towing frenzy were waved into a Walmart parking lot across the street from the stadium by parking attendants "wearing vests" and looking like "official guards."

Scott Agulnek, a spokesman for the Dallas Cowboys, claimed in a statement the NFL team did nothing wrong. "Stadium staff do not direct traffic to those lots and, in fact, inform people parking in those areas that they will likely be towed," Agulnek told NBC Dallas.

While signs in the Walmart lot did say "No event parking: Vehicles may be towed at owner's expense," some impound victims feel they got ripped off. "It's a scam, man. What can I say?" said Luke Nelson. "I think that's straight-up ridiculous. That's just a scam," said Don Whitley.

Some ended up waiting a frustrating four hours to get possession of their cars back.

In the end, the free parking ended up costing high school football fans $20 for a taxi ride to the impound lot and hundreds of extra dollars to actually get their imprisoned cars back.

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