It's the latest chapter in the Tim Tebow magical carpet ride: leaders of the Jewish community in Denver say they fully support the the Broncos quarterback.

Normally when rabbis announce they support the local football star its not worth of a story on the internet, but this is perhaps the most outspoken Christian NFL star ever we're talking about.

Tebow, who's never been shy about showing his faith in public, has the support of rabbi Joe Black from Denver's Temple Emanuel. Black tells the Wall Street Journal that the Broncos star will be a topic of an upcoming lecture.

"Here's the sermon I would deliver and probably will deliver: Tim Tebow is broadcasting the fact that he believes in God. God is actively involved in his life. We call ourselves people of faith. Is that how we perceive God? And if not, how do we perceive God?" 

But it doesn't stop there. Jared Kleinstein, a former Vail ski instructor from Denver, is credited with creating the handle "Tebowing" for the Broncos quarterback's regular kneeling in prayer. Kleinstein, who's Jewish and now living in Manhattan, started in October after Tebow's fourth quarter comeback against the Dolphins. The site, which posts photos of regular people Tebowing all over the world, has drawn millions of hits. Kleinstein says this is bigger than a Jewish vs. Christian issue. "Tebowing and the Tebow phenomenon has sort of transcended religion," Kleinstein said. 

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In addition to the Jewish community, members of the Colorado Muslim Society have gone on record endorsing Tebow. Khaled Hamideh, board chairman of the mosque, likes the Dallas Cowboys but considers himself on the Tebow bandwagon.

"I know I'm a Muslim and he's a Christian, but I admire somebody who thanks God for everything that he gave him," Hamideh told the Wall Street Journal. "The team has rallied around him not because of his religious beliefs but because they believe this guy has something in him that pushes him the right way."

Tebow's 7-1 (.875) record since taking over as Broncos quarterback has even drawn props from a prominent atheist in Colorado who's not upset with the large amount of on-field prayers. Marvin Straus, co-founder of Boulder Athiests, doesn't think it's helping Tebow, but wishes him the best.

"From my perspective, it's about as useful as an amulet during the Black Plague. But if I have the right to stand up in public and say there's no gods or devils or heaven or hell, he has the right to kneel in public, as long as he doesn't insist that other people join him," Straus said. "Somebody that's on a private team wants to express his religious belief? To me, that's called freedom of religion."

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