It's been 15 years since he attempted a pass, but this Super Bowl hero is still up to his old tricks.

Jim McMahon, who quarterbacked Walter Payton, Refrigerator Perry and the rest of Mike Ditka's 1985 Chicago Bears to an NFL championship, is sarcastically touting a possible return to his old Windy City stomping grounds.

McMahon, 52, heard all the rumors that Brett Favre was willing to listen if the Bears called. So he figured, why not me?

The Super Bowl XX champion had his business agent issue a press release announcing McMahon would also listen if the Bears made him an offer to come back.

"People forget that the last time Brett and I were on the same team, we won the Super Bowl with Green Bay. I was a mentor to Brett, and once told him, 'Never give up!' -- advice that has clearly stayed with him."

While most often associated with Chicago, McMahon also played with the Eagles, Packers, Cardinals, Vikings and Chargers during his 15 seasons in the NFL. McMahon played in five games as Favre's backup for the 1996 Green Bay Packers, who went 13-3 and beat Drew Bledsoe and the New England Patriots in the 1997 Super Bowl.

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The mocking press release stated: "The Bears have yet to comment on Jim’s announcement, but the move is sure to get support from Chicago fans hungry for the winning tradition that was commonplace when McMahon was at the helm of the Bears' offense."

After watching Caleb Hanie struggle through his two starts for the Bears, some fans probably wish McMahon wasn't kidding around.

The Chicago Sun-Times' Rick Telander (a legend in his own right) wrote: "McMahon further stated, 'I think it’s a testament to our physical abilities that, at this age, Brett and I can still hear.'"

Since leaving the NFL, McMahon has taken his trademark headband and sunglasses into the fields of restaurant ownership and motivational speaking. Last year the former BYU star admitted having memory problems as a result of hits he took during his football career.

But fortunately for McMahon and unfortunately for Hanie, Bears fans have long memories.

In 1986, McMahon was the victim of Green Bay Packers lineman Charles Martin's vicious body slam. One of the dirtiest plays in NFL history

McMahon was a big deal during the Bears championship run, here he is on a young David Letterman's show

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