He's the model citizen, the guy you want your daughter to date, yet Tim Tebow can't help being the most polarizing figure in all of professional sports.

And during the upcoming holiday shopping season, Tebow is going to get even more controversial -- once again without any action on his part.

A handful of Denver fans have decided a customized Tim Tebow jersey would make for the perfect Christmas gift. What could possibly be troubling about that? A whole lot, depending on who you ask.

Rather than have the last name "Tebow" on the back of the Broncos jersey, these fans have placed "Jesus" above Tebow's No. 15.

Not everyone thinks it's appropriate. Some fans told CNN (via KTVQ) that the new custom apparel is blasphemous.

"Sports is one thing, and Jesus is another thing," Traci Yown, a mom Christmas shopping for her son told the network. "I like to have their names, their last names on the jerseys. I'm a Christian, but I mean I wouldn't want people going around having Jesus on the back of their jerseys."

But Rev. Marcus Buckley of a Baptist Church in Greer, S.C., believes those who speak out against such public displays of religion are haters.

"To me it just shows a cultural bias against Christ and Christianity," Rev. Buckley said.

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He also feels the jerseys are a compliment to Tebow.

Religious fanatics haven't stopped at uniforms; some have even created Tebow in what's been described as Christ-like images.

As for his football prowess, Tebow has led the Broncos to a 3-1 record despite struggling to complete the forward pass. The former Florida Gators star completed just two of eight passes for 69 yards against the Chiefs over the weekend. Tebow became just the second quarterback in 51 years to lead his team in passing attempts (*min. 3 attempts), but end up with more rushing attempts. Bobby Douglass did it three times for the 1972 Chicago Bears.

Tebow thanked the military at Arrowhead Stadium as he walked out to play the Chiefs.

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