One person's vacant pool is a skateboarder's treasure. In the Grand Canyon State, a group of action sport-loving kids have turned the Arizona housing crisis into a dream come true. And they're doing some good deeds along the way.

Skateboarders are cleaning filthy, abandoned pools so they can return later to skate them. Sounds like a good idea for everyone, except these pool poachers usually don't have permission and end up hopping fences to clean up the dirty pools.

The skaters tell FOX 10 Phoenix that they've had guns pulled on them in the past for skating pools.

Phoenix and its surrounding areas are ranked fourth among 2010 foreclosure filings for all United States markets. Las Vegas topped the list, followed by Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla. and Modesto, Calif., according to Market Watch.

Brandon Dale, a Paradise Valley homeowner, recently returned to his vacant property to repair it when he found the skateboarders in his backyard. But he wasn't upset. The kids had cleaned his pool and even repaired the pool pump. They've been using his vacant pool for almost three years unnoticed.

One of the skateboarders says the group has a "20 minute pool rule," meaning they would skate in pools for about 20 minutes and leave, because that's about how long it would take for police to show up and ruin their day.

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Dale let the skaters have one last night in his pool before stopping them for liability reasons. With that popular pool off the market, skateboarders are said to be turning to Google Earth to find the next bowl in the Phoenix area.

Pools at Vacant Homes a Skateboarder's Dream:

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