Franco Harris is dealing with more fallout from his support of Joe Paterno's handling of the Penn State child sex scandal.

Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl thinks the Pro Football Hall of Fame running back should have lost his position as chairman of the board of the Pittsburgh Promise.

In a letter sent to Harris and the board members, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports the mayor said the former Steeler showed "callous disregard and indifference for the victims of child sex abuse at Penn State" after Harris repeated positive comments for fired coach Joe Paterno.

The city's board of directors privately met for four hours Thursday night to decide Harris' future with the college access program.

It was determined that Harris would voluntarily lose his title as chairman, but will be allowed to remain on the board as a full voting member. The icon with his own statue in the Pittsburgh airport continued his goal line defense of JoePa, though.

"Joe Paterno -- this guy, high morals -- and this guy is tough," he said. "And I tell people that if he was in charge of the investigation, believe me, things would have got done, but he was not in charge of it."

Mayor Ravenstahl told KDKA that his public criticism of Franco Harris has nothing to do with Harris' son, Dok, running against him the 2009 election.

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"That's so far from the truth -- Franco knows that," Ravenstahl said. "I made Franco the chair of this board when it started. Franco remained the chair of this board while his son ran against me for mayor."

But some members of the media believe the Steel City mayor owes the Penn State pigskin legend an apology over his shot.

Earlier this week, a racetrack and casino pulled its endorsement deal with Harris over his support of Paterno.

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