Memorabilia comes in all forms, but this could be the strangest in baseball history.

Pete Rose has started selling notarized copies of the documents he signed that banned him from Major League Baseball. The all-time hit king was kicked out of baseball in 1989 for gambling on the sport; he denied those charges for nearly 15 years before copping to them in his 2004 autobiography.

Rose makes his living these days signing his John Hancock on pretty much anything, as long as you pay the man at his Forum Shops location inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

For $500, you can get certified copies of Rose's walking papers. Banishment documents come notarized in Nevada and are delivered bound in copper and leather. The Las Vegas Sun reports Rose included an inscription with his autograph that says, "I'm sorry I bet on baseball." Pete is even willing to personalize the papers at no charge. (What a guy!)

"Charlie Hustle" has sold all kinds of stuff on his web site and at the Vegas location. For $5,000, you can have dinner with him at any Las Vegas restaurant, as long as you don't buy more than $100 worth of alcohol.

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While playing for the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies and Montreal Expos, Rose won three World Series, two Gold Gloves and an MVP award. He left the sport with 14 Major League Baseball records.

Rose, 70, is having some luck in his personal life; he's been dating Playboy model Kiana Kim since 2009.

Rose's record breaking hit.

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