It's looking like Kris Humphries will be paying for his brief marriage a lot longer than the 72 days it lasted. The NBA free agent is playing the role of evildoer on the new season of ex-wife Kim Kardashian's reality show -- and he's not happy about it.

Humphries friends and family are outraged with his negative depiction on the premiere episode of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York." In the show, the basketball player walks in on Kardashian's "nude" yoga class with a nude male instructor; ABC news believes that scene led to the downfall of the marriage.

The New York Daily News reports the overall negative portrayal is especially irritating Kris and his family.

The highly rated E! reality program is expected to continue to show the foolishness that led to the destruction of the couple's brief relationship.

"A lot of things on reality TV are manipulated easily, but with this show, there were a lot of scenes and situations that are going to paint him in a negative light," a source tells the Daily News.

Humphries is concerned that some normal kidding around among newlyweds will be positioned as something of a nefarious nature. "Clearly, he never meant it, but he’s on camera. They overdramatize for effect on this show," the source said.

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While the former Nets forward will be put through the wringer for ending the marriage, Humphries believes the union's embarrassing demise is Kardashian's fault.

Despite all the shenanigans between the separated couple, Humphries is said to still be in love with Kardashian and still "speaks cordially" to Kim while keeping a low profile in Minnesota.

As for his basketball career, with the NBA season planned to begin on Christmas, Humphries has 26 days to sign on with a new team. He'll most likely re-sign with the New Jersey Nets.

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