The Washington Redskins are having another lousy season of football, but at least they have some amusing players. Nick Sundberg, Washington's long-snapper, has a leisure activity that is usually reserved for run-ins with the law.

Sundberg, 24, enjoys using a Taser on himself. The second-year NFL player tells Mike Jones of the Washington Post that he "had a lot of fun" when he was young "experimenting" with the popular self-defense product. Growing up he "would tase the crap" out of himself.

Who's responsible for this NFL player's freakish hobby?

Mom, of course! Sundberg's mother, Stacie, worked in sales for Taser International, maker of the most common brand of the electroshock gun. When he was nine years old, his mom took him to a Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work day. While at the company headquarters, Sundberg's mom's coworkers were having some fun with him and dared him to take a hit of the Taser. He said he'd do it, his mom even said "Yeah, do it."

Sundberg tells Jones of the Post the only reason he agreed to the "neuromuscular incapacitation" was because he figured his mother "wasn't going to let me do it." Turns out he underestimated dear old mom. Sundberg was Tasered twice that day and apparently didn't mind the sensation.

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The Redskins long-snapper is now a human crash test dummy for Tasers. "Every time they come out with a new one, I’ve tried it," he told the Post. "Except for this last one because I haven’t been around [my mom's work] a lot. But it hurts a lot. It completely incapacitates you. Usually it’s a five-second run time. All your muscles lock up. When we did it, we tried to do it as safely as possible. We’d have two guys stand there so you don’t face-plant. But the second it’s off, it’s off, and you’re like, ‘What did I just do?’ there’s no pain or anything. That’s why I was able to keep going back to it over and over again."

Not drafted out of California, Sundberg originally entered the NFL with the Carolina Panthers as a free agent in 2009, he didn't make the team, however he was part of the Ravens' practice squad that season. He joined the Redskins as a free agent in 2010.

Nick's mother has attended every one of his games from high school in Arizona, to college at Cal and in the NFL. His mom is conservative and doesn't approve of Sundberg's massive back tattoo, a so-called "Greek mythology scene."

But enough about body art; what's worse, being hammered on an NFL field or being drilled with electrical current that disrupts voluntary control of your muscles?

"I’ve been blasted pretty good a few times," Sundberg said. "Football is completely different because it has lasting effects for a few hours or days."

While at California-Berkley, Sundberg majored in legal studies. He said if he wasn't playing pro football, he'd have gone into selling Tasers because of his "pretty good people person skills."

In college, Sundberg made this long-snapping instructional video.

Former NFL player Timothy Worley was tasered in 2008 by Georgia police.

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