A high school football team in a small Michigan town is competing for a state title, but its the mothers of the players who deserve MVP honors.

St. Ignace High School, located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, has a pretty good football team. But because of a lack of interest on the students' part (and a small school size of 215), it hasn't fielded a cheer squad this season -- at least until the players' mothers went to work.

On the gridiron, the St. Ignace Saints are undefeated and on the way to the Motor City this weekend with a chance to win the Michigan state championship at Ford Field -- home of the NFL's Detroit Lions.

To show their support, more than a dozen team mothers put on their sons' football jerseys and formed their own cheerleading squad for the team. The imaginative mamas even put together a pep rally and pulled off a cheer routine.

"Wow, that is my mom, she's cheerleading, what's going on?" senior Nate Monte told reporter Andrew Keller of the 7&4 News Team.

Coach Marty Spencer said he never really heard cheerleaders on the sidelines in his 25 years at the school, but these mamas are loud and proud. "I haven't seen a group of moms do what these moms are doing," Spencer told 7&4.

The mothers have brought back 1970's-era old-school cheers such as "hold that line," according to coach Spencer.

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Paula Mayer, whose son plays for the team, said cheerleading "gives me a little bit of my youth back."

As for the players? Well ...

"I could ask for a blonde, a brunette," Monte said, "but my mom will do."

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