A 45-year-old mother of two has etched her name in the record books of competitive eating.

Juliet Lee, from Germantown, Md., chowed down on a stunning 175 shrimp dumplings in eight minutes at an event over the weekend in Melbourne, Australia. That was good enough to set a new record for women.

Lee, originally from the northern shores of China, has been a competitive eater since December of 2006. The 105-pound former chemistry professor is the mother to two daughters, ages 11 and 13.

According to her bio from Major League Eating, Lee became very familiar with this kind of food while growing up in China.

Tim Janus won the overall competition in a massive upset after scarfing down 310 steamed wontons in eight minutes, according to the Herald Sun. Hot dog eating king Joey Chestnut finished second after polishing off 297 prawn dumplings. EatFeats.com reports this is Janus' first win over Chestnut since 2009.

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The 27-year-old Chestnut is planning to hang up his bib and Pepto-Bismol soon, after two more years of professional eating events. The San Jose State graduate knowns he's been "very lucky" to avoid health problems so far. The Valley Times Herald reports Chestnut just passed a health exam last week from a doctor who's worried about his unhealthy eating life style.

Chestnut has a new girlfriend who puts up with his oddball career choice. "She doesn't necessarily enjoy it," Chestnut said. "But she watches it. It's part of me."

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