Manny Pacquiao doesn't believe in giving mocking, arrogant speeches before fights. In fact, just the opposite. Pacman, in Las Vegas for his Saturday night showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez, says he regularly prays for his opponents.

"I'm always praying," reports Pacquaio as saying. "Not praying for myself, but for all the fighters who are going to fight on Saturday, especially my opponent, that nobody will get hurt. Well, I mean badly hurt."

Pacquiao is also apparently praying for something else: a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I don't have an idea right now," he told ESPN UK, "but hopefully the fight will push through next year. We're going to pray that and hopefully there's no problems with the promoter. It's going to be a good fight if that fight happens. I'm sure that millions of people are going to love to watch that fight."

The Las Vegas economy is getting a huge financial bump with Pacquiao fighting at the MGM Grand. The New York Times reports the donnybrook will bring a projected $11.8 million in gross sales to Sin City. Pacman kiddingly told reporters that his Filipino congress should take roll call in Vegas since more than 60 congressmen made the long journey to Vegas for the battle royale.

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