What happens when you combine a shooting range and a nightclub? We're about to find out in (where else but) Sin City.

Machine Guns Vegas, a new business described as the world's first luxury gun lounge, combines the things many Americans love: guns, girls and glamour. "We're going to do something a little more high-end here, where the shoot club meets the nightclub," said Michael Heck, a former Vegas police officer who's opening the unusual shooting range with his wife.

Beautiful young female models will greet guests as hostesses and range masters at Machine Guns Vegas. The owners say they're "trying to put the sin back in Sin City."

For obvious safety reasons, customers won't be allowed to drink alcohol. The high end shooting range believes its clientele will be celebrities and high-rolling executives.

These aren't your daddy's guns, Heck tells KLAS-TV 8 News Las Vegas. The "lounge" has $1 million worth of guns and four times that in the "build-out" of the project. Weapons will range from modern automatic guns to older models used in World War II.

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Shooting packages will go from $89 all the way up to $600, hinging on how rare and expensive a weapon you chose to fire in one of the 18 shooting lanes.

Machine Guns Vegas is set to open just west of the world famous Las Vegas Strip in December.

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