Homecoming has been known to give high school kids goose bumps, but this is crazy.

Several football players from a Long Island New York High School ended up in hospitals after suffering from hypothermia symptoms on Saturday during the last game of the season, reports WCBS New York.

JFK High School in Plainview, Long Island, was playing rival Valley Stream on Saturday on a newly frozen tundra when players went to the locker room for halftime adjustments and several of them nearly collapsed from the bitter cold. The game was played in a wind chill of 20, with snow and freezing rain blowing through.

Fearing the worst, coaches did the right thing and immediately called for doctors and ambulances. In total, 15 players were given medical treatment for hypothermia. The second half of the homecoming game was

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canceled. The good news is the affected players have all recovered from the hypothermia symptoms and were back in the classroom on Monday.

JFK High has produced several good basketball coaches, including former NBA player and Grizzlies head coach Marc Iavaroni, as well as Virginia Tech hoops coach Brad Greenberg.

Four other high school football games on Long Island were postponed because of the wintry weather and will be made up at a later date.

School officials plan to take a closer look at New York state guidelines for playing football games in cold weather. Those rules say games should be canceled only when the wind chill drops to minus-11 or colder.

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