Medical miracles still happen. Less than a year after a Southern California high school football player was shot in the face while two of his best friends were killed, this senior is back playing football.

Jordan Howard, 17, took a gunshot near his left eye last school year as he walked to see a movie with friends. The bullet exited through his temple. KTLA reports medical officials advised Howard's mother to have the damaged eye removed during surgery, but Gail Howard chose to keep her son's eye in place. "I said no, we're going to have our trust and our faith," she told the TV station.

The doctors informed the mom that her child was going to survive, but his football career was over.

Howard's health eventually improved, and after two and a half months of not being able to see out of his left eye, his vision returned. Now, just 10 months after taking the bullet to his face, he's got 20-20 vision in the repaired left eye. Jordan was able to play linebacker in his team's regular season football game Thursday night for the Cajon High School Cowboys in San Bernadino, Calif.

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And not only did Howard play, he's the captain of his team. KTLA reports Cajon High beat Carter 24-7 in the regular season finale to earn a top seed in the Southern California playoffs.

No one was arrested for the January 5 shooting of Howard and his friends; police are continuing to investigate the random violence.


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