National Football League fans in the Sunshine state haven't had much to cheer about this season. The Buccaneers, Dolphins and Jaguars have a combined .292 winning percentage, but one Florida politician has a bigger objective than winning football games.

Sen. Mike Bennett says he's found a little known section of Florida law that requires pro stadiums to be used as homeless shelters in order to receive taxpayer revenues.

"They have to use it for a homeless shelter when it's not being used for a professional sports franchise," Bennett told a Fox affiliate in Tampa. "Not during a hurricane, but anytime. That's exactly what the law says."

Not only would the Dolphins, Bucs and Jaguars have to open stadium doors to the impoverished, they'd have to operate the shelters. In fact, every professional sports franchise in Florida -- including the Rays, Marlins,

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Panthers, Lightning, Heat and Magic -- would also be forced to welcome those without a roof over their heads.

Bennett's goal -- and he's not alone -- is to end tax credits for teams that are partially funded with public money.

Another Florida lawmaker, Sen. Mike Fasano, wants to revoke a tax break for any NFL team that blacks out a home game.

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