Finally a positive from a nightmarish season of pro football in Naptown.

Colts punter Pat McAfee spent a recent day off in a salon chair, having approximately 12 inches of his ponytail clipped off to help fund care for cancer patients. The quotable kicker began letting his hair grow two years ago, during his rookie season of 2009.

McAfee gave the hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that donates hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who have lost hair because of medical issues.

Earlier this season, McAfee told the Indianapolis Star he's had a lot of people in his family and close friends that have been impacted by cancer.

"I think it's a horrible thing," he told the Star. "One of the worst things about it is the physical appearance. People get embarrassed a little bit. The wig is something that helps. Anything you can do to help, why not?"

McAfee has gotten a chance to shine during a lousy Colts season. He's fourth in the NFL in total attempts and punting yards, while ranking ninth in gross punting average.

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McAfee joked to WTHR-TV that he's "excited to be a dude again," and "a lot of people are worried" his performance will veer into a Samson-like spiral after getting his lettuce shorn. His mom told him on numerous occasions that he looked like a "dirty hippie." McAfee says he doesn't know how women do it (long hair) and he has a whole "new respect" for the ladies of the world.

No doubt the ladies have some extra respect for him, too.

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