The World's Fastest Man isn't interested in the NFL, no matter how much money they throw his way.

Usain Bolt said he's been hearing his name tied to the National Football League for years, but it's not going to happen. "A few people have said they want me," Bolt told Fox Sports Radio. "It would probably be a good thing for me to come and play. But I don't want to do it, man."

The Jamaican sprinter said he didn't want to be the next Calvin Johnson or Wes Welker. "I wanted to be a running back, but they said you're way too tall to be a running back. I don't wanna be a wide receiver."

Nicknamed the "Lightning Bolt," he stands at 6-5 and weighs 207 pounds.

Bolt was asked a hypothetical question about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys calling and offering him a ton of cash, but the three-time Olympic gold medalist at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing told Fox Sports Radio that he wouldn't sign. "I'm not an NFL person," Bolt said. "I see the way the wide receivers get hit. I'm not planning on going out there to get my ass kicked. I'm not into that."

While you would expect a fine-tuned world class athlete like Bolt to work out most of the day, he said that couldn't be further from the truth. "For me, I'm pretty much lazy. If I'm not training, I'm just chilling out and playing a video game, which is what I'm doing right now," he said.

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Bolt, 25, is excited about picking up FIFA 12. When told he should pick up Madden NFL, Bolt didn't take the bait. "I haven't played Madden in a while," he said. "I'm a more of a Call of Duty guy right now."

As you would expect, Bolt says he knew at a very young age he was faster than the other kids: "I used to play cricket, but I started out running when I was 10. And I was pretty fast as soon as soon as I started. It was good for me I kicked everybody's ass. I would be like, 'You wanna go, let's go right now.'"

Bolt has set several world records, including the 100m, 200m and 4x100m at the 2008 Olympics.

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