Most hunters spend hours searching the woods for a deer; in the Keystone State, all you have to do is visit a cell phone store.

A deer walked right through the front door of a suburban Philadelphia Sprint store, promptly hopping over the counter between two employees and heading to the back storage room.

CBS 3 Philadelphia reports the store representatives panicked, leaving the wild animal in the store as they exited, closing the door behind them before calling 9-1-1. (Talk about poor customer service!)

The deer caused quite the ruckus as it destroyed the storage room, knocked over boxes, and annihilated a sink in the bathroom, after being stunned by its own image in the mirror.

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Maybe it just was looking for a new iPhone, but whatever the case, after about 30 minutes of vandalism, the young buck appeared bleeding from its sink attack. It finally darted out the same front door it entered and sprinted through the parking lot.

Looks like all the people were fine, but you can't say the same thing about the sink.

Deer hunting season in the Quaker State goes all the way until late January, 2012, in parts of Pennsylvania.

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