A day spa's attempt to get some free publicity at the hands of hockey rioters has caused a big hullabaloo in Canada.

Eccotique Spa and Salon is offering $50 gift certificates for spa treatments to hoodlums who took part in the Stanley Cup Finals riots. There's one catch: They must turn themselves in.

With seven Vancouver locations, the spa is asking the culprits to visit one of the stores, admit they took part in the shenanigans, and then have their fingerprints placed on a gift certificate. Then they must head to the police station before finally bringing an arrest report back to the spa. Then they get the gift certificate.

The advertising campaign slogan reads: "You didn't pay for anything at the riots. Why stop now?"

The spa claims this is not a reward for the lawbreakers. It wants want as many charges filed as possible.

Needless to say, many in Canada don't appreciate this promotion. The Toronto Sun reports the campaign has been called "dirty" and "disgusting" among other nasty things.

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Eccotique Spa president Milajne Soligo wasn't shocked by the outrage.

"Any company loves publicity," she told the Sun. "But if we didn’t do something that caught attention no one would be talking about it. If it gets people to get charged, it doesn't matter to us. As long as we try to coax them into some confessions, that's the whole point of the campaign."

Rioters caused millions of dollars in damages to downtown Vancouver after the Bruins beat the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup in June. More than 100 arrests were made.

As of this morning, no one has stepped forward to claim the "prize." Apparently the rioters in the City of Glass are still massaging the truth about what they did.

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