Josh Hamilton, Michael Young and Mike Napoli might be the stars on the diamond, but a teenage entrepreneur in the stands has become a local star at Rangers games.

Kasey Tackett, better known by his nickname, "The Nut Guy," is a hit with Texas baseball fans. While he might not reach the level of fame that Roger Owens, the Peanut Guy at Dodger Stadium or Marc Rosenberg, "The Lemonade Shaking Guy," at Baltimore's Camden Yards, Tackett has a rapidly growing fan base. During the ALCS, he was spotted playfully chest-bumping and high-fiving a fan. One of his standbys is leading fans in a responsive cheer: "When I say PEA-, you say NUTS!"

"I like to make the job fun," Tackett told CBS Radio. "I mean, you're here to work, but at the same time you’re at a baseball game. You're almost entitled to have fun, once you pay for the tickets, so I like to give people a good time."

While it seems most stadium workers around the majors these days are older, Tackett is a 17-year-old high school student. He might be known for peanuts, but the animated salesman has hawked sodas and water in addition to the salted nuts he's become known for.

"I never would have thought that they would have put that on the Internet," he told CBS. "Once I saw that, I

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thought it was hilarious."

The Rangers start the World Series in St. Louis on Wednesday night, but Texas is guaranteed at least two home games, and Tackett says despite only making money via commission, winning the championship is much more important.

"It was more about being at the game and having a good time than selling almost, which I’m fine with," he said. "I'd rather make 25 cents and the Rangers win a game like that than make a lot of money."

But with the Rangers' success and Nut Guy's new fame, Kasey could get the best of both worlds.

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