Like a scene from a feel-good Hollywood movie, a middle school football player battling a serious illness scored a touchdown in the final seconds of a game.

Tyler Johnson is all of 5-2 and 90 pounds, but the 13-year-old loves football. He's also dealing with fragile X syndrome, a genetic condition that is similar to autism resulting in mental retardation in boys.

WCCO Minneapolis reports Joe Pavlicheck, the co-head coach of Prescott Middle School, worked with the coach of River Falls to let Johnson have his moment of glory.

The teen worked on his special play during practice, and he'd have his chance to run it with just 9 seconds to go. Coach Pavlicheck walked behind Johnson on the field and described the zany events that took place after

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the snap.

"The QB got the ball and handed it off to Tyler," Pavlicheck said. "Tyler ran to the sideline; we were pointing to go the other way."

Fired up from his pigskin glory, WCCO reports Tyler is considering a future on the basketball team.

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