The Super Bowl has been blamed for crime, traffic and overpriced food, but never before has it been responsible for a shortage of spun wool.

Indianapolis organizers of next year's big game plan to have all 8,000 volunteers wearing specially hand-made blue and white "Super Scarves," but yarn stores are having a devil of a time keeping up with the demand.

FOX 59 Indy reports stores are ordering up to five times more blue and white yarn and that oversized supply is still not enough. A spokeswoman for the Super Bowl host committee bragged to the Indianapolis Star recently about the "economic boon to the yarn industry,".

With 107 days to go until America's largest sporting event, more than 9,000 scarfs have been collected, blowing past the goal set up by organizers of the big game.

Whether Indy can find enough furry string or not, those who get the precious scarves will have quite a yarn to tell.

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