Three sumo wrestlers in Tokyo were beaten for not wearing a kimono in public. A sumo stablemaster became enraged and hit his young wrestlers with a golf club for not wearing the Japanese traditional garment.

Kasugano, 49, admitted he beat the men for not following his fashion orders and breaking curfews.

"I hit (them) with an iron," he told Kyodo News. "I honestly think I went too far and I regret it."

The Japan Sumo Association has strongly punished Kasugano for his outrageous acts.

It's believed the wrestlers were struck with the golf club in the abdomen and back at the end of last week.

The most shocking part of the story? Tochiyashiki, 22, one of the beaten athletes, told police it was the wrestlers who were responsible and they didn't want to file criminal charges.

Law enforcement officials were able to recover a golf club with a broken grip from Kasugano's home. The sumo coach told investigators the wrestlers were beaten because they constantly gave a cold shoulder to his

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directions to wear the kimono when going out.

This is just the latest in a long line of troubling episodes to hit Sumo wrestling of late.

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