As more and more people pick up smart phones and other gadgets, the visual impact of the 2012 Games will go far beyond coverage on the NBC family of networks. The London Olympics will likely be the most recorded sporting event ever.

According to a study, a stunning 175 million minutes of video from the 2012 Games will be captured by fans, equal to 334 years of footage. The Mirror reports research done by Panasonic estimates fans will snap 466 million photos of athletes and events in London, which will become the world's first city to have hosted the modern Games of three Olympiads.

The study is based on an average of 8.8 million ticket-holding Olympic fans taking 53 photographs and

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about 20 minutes of video.

If photos are your style, you could stretch the 466 million pictures that will be taken almost twice around planet Earth. It would take you until the year 2346 to view all the video taken by Olympic fans. During that period of time, an additional 82 Olympic Games will have been held. Wonder how fast the 100 meters will be run then ...

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