The St. Louis Cardinals sure could have used their playoff mascot Sunday during Game 4 of the World Series, but instead the rally squirrel (or a close relative) was enjoying some NFL action 4,785 miles from Arlington, Texas.

London fans at Wembley Stadium had plenty of entertainment during the Bears' 24-18 win over the Buccaneers in the fifth annual NFL regular-season game in England. But not all of the thrill was from football.

With plenty of great seats to be found, the pigskin-loving supporters who did show up at the game enjoyed

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watching a bushy-tailed rodent run around the field during the first quarter. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the little beast zigged and zagged his way around the Bears' red zone, looking as confused as Jay Cutler. The enthusiastic crowd gave a large ovation to the squirrel.

Then, with security apparently sleeping on the job, a large man who was feeling no pain stormed onto the field during the fourth quarter. The Guardian reports Bears star Devin Hester enjoyed the British knucklehead juggling past him.

Bears receiver Roy Williams had a 25-yard TD catch from Jay Cutler but that's not what he'll remember most from his trip to the U.K.

"We had a squirrel on the field," he told the Associated Press. "We had a streaker on the field. So it was a great experience."

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