In a heartwarming story of courage and determination in sports, a female soccer player who lost her left leg during a horrifying accident at a car wash fundraiser has returned to the pitch.

Bree McMahon's story was featured on NBC's Today Show and on sports blogs all over the Web in September 2009. Bree was a 17-year-old Orlando Freedom High School soccer player who lost her left leg and had her right leg severely injured when another teen accidentally backed a car into her and pinned her against a wall. She went into a coma and had a number of intense surgeries.

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WKMG Orlando reports that two years later, McMahon is a college sophomore at Brevard College in North Carolina. She's learning to run again after doctors have set her up with what she calls her "running leg." Bree is even working out as a goalkeeper with her college soccer team.

While not yet ready to play in an actual game for the Tornados, the amazingly positive young woman believes that will take place sooner than later.

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