He might have lost Sunday's game, but he's winning in the game of love.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is believed to be the only married NFL quarterback to proudly wear his wedding ring during games, according to the New York Daily News.

Ivy League educated at Harvard, Fitzpatrick married his college sweetheart. He made a very romantic proposal to his bride, Liza Barber, at McDonald's.

Liza was captain of the Crimson soccer team and Fitzpatrick gushed about his girl in an interview with the Harvard Crimson.

"I have to admit, the girl I left Harvard with was better than the degree," Fitzpatrick told the school paper. "Liza has been an amazing wife and someone I have been able to share this whole experience with from the very beginning. It is easy for me to stay grounded, because I have a wife that reminds me daily that she is the only college All-American in the household."

While most signal callers remove their wedding band or at least place tape over it, the Buffalo Bills star continues to leave it exposed during games.

Fitzpatrick, the pride of Gilbert, Ariz., told ESPN last year that he's not worried about it getting caught in a face mask.

"I wore it during training camp, and there's no issue," said Fitzpatrick. "I just made the decision I would never take it off."

And Liza "thinks it's cool," Fitzpatrick told ESPN.

The Bills quarterback is seventh in the NFL with a 95.3 passer rating, ahead of more famous QBs Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick.

Known as the Amish Rifle, Fitzpatrick must be doing something right: he's got three children with his sweetheart. The couple's oldest son is named Brady -- and we assume that's not after his AFC East rival.

A cult hero in Buffalo, Fitzpatrick's beard is the inspiration for this song.

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