Some of the biggest names in professional sports have kicked up their heels on "Dancing With The Stars," but the show's producers have struck out trying to land one NFL icon.

Mike Ditka, star player, coach and broadcaster, has been one sports star producers of the hit reality show have a yearning for, but the coach of the 1985 Chicago Bears isn't interested.

Apparently Ditka, one of only two men to win Super Bowls as a player, assistant coach and head coach, was a heck of a dancer in his day. Now a television commentator, Iron Mike is in London to promote the Bears game against the Saints this weekend at Wembley Stadium.

After saying he's no longer the best dancer in America, Ditka let a reality TV secret slip to the British tabloids. "I used to dance a lot. They've tried to get me on Dancing with the Stars three or four times but I can't do it. I'm an old man. But there was a time when I could dance, or at least I thought I could. And most of the women I was dancing with thought I could too."

Emmitt Smith was the first professional athlete to be crowned champion of "Dancing With the Stars," and since then the show has seen half of its 12 winners come from the sporting world.

Ditka, 72, also told the Metro London that England could support an NFL franchise, but football is an American sport, and if you place it another country, "you would be stuffing an American sport down somebody's throat."

Guess he didn't dance around that subject.

Classic Mike Ditka Media Rant As Coach:

Old School Ditka Ranting From 1980s

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