The steroid era might be over in Major League Baseball, but commissioner Bud Selig must put an end to the antics of cheating cartoon mascots.

Kevin Millar took home another World Series title Monday night, but this one isn't quite as cool as his 2004 world championship ring from the Boston Red Sox. The leader of the "Idiots" put on a Davy Crockett costume to challenge his colleagues at the MLB Network. Bedlam and hilarity ensued.

Millar picked up a controversial win in the final Texas Rangers "Legends" mascot race of 2011. The competition that traditionally takes place in the middle of the sixth inning saw Millar beat colleagues Harold Reynolds (as Sam Houston), Sean Casey (Jim Bowie) and Mitch Williams (Nolan Ryan).

"Kevin (Millar) cheated, man. That's what it came down to," Reynolds, a two-time Seattle Mariners All-Star, said. The gold glove second baseman added he's got "newfound respect" for all the people who compete in mascot races.

Casey had a good time but explained Millar's shenanigans: "He broke all the rules, walked on the chalk line, and cheated, like 30 yards ahead." caught up with the former Marlin, Red Sox, Oriole and Blue Jay after his shady win.

"The bottom line is, you've got to understand, you play the game to win," Millar said. "If they thought they

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couldn't see, I couldn't see, either. So I had no idea when we were starting. It wasn't like from starting line to finish. We just went out of the gates, we were waving, and next thing you know, 'He gone!'"

Casey, a three-time All-Star with the Reds, summed up the monkey business best:

"All those All-Star Games and home runs, and this is the pinnacle," Casey joked. "This is what my career has come to. Trying to win the Legends race with Jim Bowie."

As for former Phillies closer Mitch Williams, at least he didn't wait until Game 6 to have a poor performance in the World Series.

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