Most convicted felons don't break bread with members of Congress, but then again most guys who do time aren't star NFL quarterbacks.

Michael Vick has become buddies with a member of the United States Congress. The Eagles star was spotted dining this week with U.S. Rep. Bob Brady at Chops, a Philly steakhouse.

Vick served 21 months in prison for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring. Vick failed a police lie detector test when he denied killing dogs, and sadly it turned out he personally killed at least seven dogs via hanging or drowning.

So what is a member of the 112th Congress doing with him?

"I'm helping him work some things out. He's got this bankruptcy thing he needs some help with, whatever," Brady told Philadelphia Daily News reporter Dan Gross.

Later, the representative serving the people of Pennsylvania's First Congressional District for an eighth term contradicted his own quote by saying he wasn't personally helping Vick with his finances.

Congressman Brady instead says he's working with Vick on Humane Society projects. The two went to a Humane Society event together on Tuesday.

The pair was joined by friends of the congressman who dined on a meal fit for kings: steaks, swordfish and

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more -- paid for by the elected rep.

The dinner is just a little bit ironic when you realize Congressman Brady is often called the "Mayor of Capitol Hill", as he is in charge of monitoring the daily functions on the Hill as Chairman of the Committee on House Administration.

The Pennsylvania politician claims Vick is a "real genuine guy who deserves a second shot." Smart money says he wouldn't have said such nice things if Vick worked as a cab driver, security guard or baker.

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