An NFL head coach is daring LeBron James to bring his talents to the Emerald City.

Pete Carroll has been flirting with King James on Twitter the past few days. It seems he would like LeBron to put his 6-foot-8, 250-pound frame on a Boeing and give the Seahawks a huge storyline -- er, receiving target.

Carroll asked James if he thought of himself as a touchdown maker or pass rusher. James fired back: "TD maker for sure!"

With the Seahawks (2-3) headed for another disappointing season, Carroll may just be having some fun -- he's known for practical jokes -- but Seattle fans sure could use some hoops talent since Kevin Durant and the Sonics left town.

And hey, what does Carroll have to lose? Seattle is 25th in the league when it comes to receiving first downs, with 52. Zack Miller is the top tight end on the Seahawks roster, and he only has eight receptions for 62 yards in five games this season.

Carroll said on Twitter he liked the idea of James as a tight end, adding James should head to the University of Miami and "catch a few balls."

LeBron started this hullabaloo earlier this week when he sent NFL reporter John Clayton a tweet asking

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about the deadline for NFL teams to sign free agents. The self-proclaimed King of basketball kicked it up a notch when he practiced in full pads with his old high school Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary's football team a week ago.

Carroll upped the ante by tweeting out a photo of a No. 1 Seahawks jersey with "LeBron" sewn on the back.

There is precedent for this kind of move: Antonio Gates was a star basketball player at Kent and turned himself into a Hall of Fame caliber tight end with the Chargers.

But of course Gates wasn't paid tens of millions to stay on the court and stay away from bloodthirsty defensive backs.

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