He might be the most popular NFL player with the ladies. Tim Tebow's jersey is flying off shelves again, now that he's been named starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. The former University of Florida star is especially popular with women.

The Denver Post reports a quarter of all Tebow jersey sales at the Broncos team stores have been in women's styles. Marty Garafalo, the man who runs the official Broncos team shops, says Tebow has risen even closer to idol status after his near-comeback Sunday against the Chargers.

"He's like a rock star," Garafalo said.

Kenny McKee, manager of Dick's Sporting Goods in Colorado Springs, tells Fox 21 News he's expecting head-spinning sales for No. 15 merchandise.

"I've got more Tebow jerseys than any other Bronco, including Kyle Orton," McKee told the TV station. "I expect to sell three to one of him compared to anybody else."

After Rocky Mountain fans placed billboards around Denver demanding Tebow start, his cause has gone viral. On Tuesday, the former Heisman trophy winner was a trending topic on Twitter. Nearly 60 reporters from

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around the country have arrived at the Broncos practice facility, most with laser-like focus on the emotional Tebow.

Denver doesn't play a game this week, so his female admirers will have to wait until after the bye week, when Tebow starts against the Dolphins.

Expect to see plenty of Tebow jerseys in Miami as well: That's his home state, and it happens to be "Gator Day" at Sun Life Stadium.

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