Clint Eastwood, the king of macho man movie roles, is about to bring his calm, raspy voice to the ballpark.

indieWire reports Eastwood may take a break from directing to put on his acting shoes one more time. The man who made Dirty Harry famous is set to take a role in the Warner Bros. baseball drama "Trouble With the Curve."

Eastwood would play an aging baseball scout who is slowly going blind, on one last trip to check out a super prospect with his grown-up daughter. Randy Brown wrote the script and Eastwood's producing partner, Robert Lorenz, is expected to direct the film.

The Hollywood Reporter says the 81-year-old actor would be helping his longtime friend Lorenz in his directorial debut. In the past, Eastwood had said his 2008 film, Gran Torino, was probably his last acting role.

It's likely that Brad Pitt's success in Moneyball, which has earned more than $40 million in domestic box office revenue, will spark movie studios to make more baseball flicks. The story of the penny-pinching Oakland A's is the 11th biggest money making baseball film and 29th overall for sports dramas.

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