The St. Louis Cardinals drew 3,093,954 fans this season, with many of them calling themselves lifelong supporters of the Red Birds.

But one fan can claim that label like none other.

Clementine Wilkerson, 98 years young, is believed to be the only Cards supporter to see all 18 Cardinals World Series.

Wilkerson was in attendance as a 13-year-old when St. Louis played Babe Ruth's New York Yankees in the 1926 World Series. While Calvin Coolidge was president during that World Series, won by the Cards in seven games, the matriarch of Arch City baseball fans is still attending World Series games while President Obama holds down the White House.

KTVI-Fox 2 caught up with Wilkerson, who watched the Cards World Series opening win earlier this week. Clementine said despite getting on in years, she is a people person at heart.

"I like to be with all the people and see the banners and the noise. I just love everything about it."  

Her only complaint? The chilly late October weather in the Gateway to the West. Clementine says this is the coldest World Series game she's witnessed. And that's saying something.


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