All music is beautiful -- unless you're attending a college football game in the First State.

Some fans are planning to make some noise Saturday in tribute to a trumpeter who was removed in handcuffs last week for supporting his team through sound.

The trumpet-playing Blue Hens fan was ushered from his seat in the third quarter of Delaware's victory against William & Mary last Saturday.

Delaware Online reports security personal asked Matt Delaney, the 31-year-old fan, to stop playing his instrument several times before giving him the third degree.

Following his forced departure from the stadium, Delaney was escorted in handcuffs to the University of Delaware police station. He was never charged for his hoodlum harmony.

A group of unhappy fans protested the silly silencing of songs. Some supporters even reportedly got into arguments with police. Fans chanted "Trum-pet! Trum-pet!" as cops took

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Delaney out of the stadium.

One 60-year-old fan was arrested and charged for chest-bumping an officer.

Delaney is said to have been a regular at Blue Hens football games for close to 15 years. He played when Ravens star Joe Flacco went to school there.

The school released a statement saying they were just following Football Championship Subdivision rules against noisemakers. However, Delaware Online points out these rules have not been applied consistently over the years.

Message boards have been alive with chatter this week about bringing kazoos, whistles and other instruments to Saturday's game.

No word on whether anyone is planning to pull out the bazooka of noisemakers: The vuvuzela.

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