Manny Pacquiao is a happily married man, but when it comes time to fight, he takes a break from his love life.

Pacquiao tells Playboy he and wife Jinkee have some very strict training methods which keep the couple from having too much fun in the bedroom.

Trainer Freddie Roach believes sex hurts an athlete's strength. "We've talked to doctors about it," Roach says. "Sex lowers your testosterone, so you're not as mean.' While it's not strange for fighters to keep away from the ladies before stepping in the ring, most abstain for a week to 10 days.

But not Manny; he doesn't have sex with his wife for 21 days before a fight.

The Playboy feature has some other surprises as well. While America was up in arms about football hero Michael Vick's role in a dogfighting ring, Pacquiao is a hero around the world despite being very active in another sport that's illegal in the U.S. -- cockfighting. The activity is legal and a huge success in the Philippines. Pacman says he's a supporter of fighting fowl.

"I like the sport," he tells Playboy. "I like the roosters. It's like boxing -- the rooster has to be in shape. He has to train for the fight, and he has to have so much fight in his heart."

Fighting chicken matches are broadcast on television almost every night of the week in Manila. Pacman even

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raises fighting cocks.

Pacquiao, a grade-school dropout who has become a Congressman in the Philippines, lives a lifestyle of royalty. Playboy says his mansion includes a grand piano, target-shooting range, a pool, peach-painted walls and massive photos of himself. Manny has no license plates on his bulletproof Hummer or black Escalades, which are bulletproof. He travels around his nation's 7,107 islands in an $8.5 million jet, with a turboprop as his backup air travel.

When not training or working on politics, Pacquiao unwinds by playing chess, darts and basketball. He's a Celtics fan, but the 5-6 boxer had to climb onto a stool to take photos with Boston hoops stars Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.

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