The Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers are nice, but they can't hold the soccer cleats of Manchester United or Chelsea.

The United Kingdom's English Premier League is the people of Earth's choice for sporting entertainment. An incredible 4.7 billion people, close to 70 percent of the planet's population of 6,775,235,700 , watch the soccer league on television, according to a new study by Sport+Markt consulting firm.

Premier League, founded in 1992, was seen in 643 million homes around the globe, reports. China has the most soccer devotees with more than 300 million. India is second with 147 million.

Overall, Africa has 290 million minions of EPL action.

In addition to the huge overall viewership numbers, a third of all Premier League fans are ladies. Women represent close to 25 percent of fans who actually attend matches.

To put all these wild numbers in perspective, the Packers-Steelers Super Bowl XLV matchup drew a U.S.-record 111 million average viewers to FOX, making it the most watched program ever.

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