A baseball cap can make a powerful statement, even in a war zone.

Nearly 5,000 miles from the Bronx, a rebel fighter showed his loyalty to Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees.

ABC News reporter Jeffrey Kofman reported from Tripoli on what some are calling the final battle for Libya. Thousands of rebels have converged on Moammar Gadhafi's last remaining stronghold and are waiting for the order to attack. And in the battle of Bani Walid, while there's some debate on where Gadhafi is in the city, there's no argument about the Yankees being represented on the front line.

Rebel fighter Anas Ahmed El Houderi, wearing a New York Yankees cap, spoke with ABC's Kofman on the front line over the weekend. Fifty seconds into the story, speaking near-perfect English, El Houderi said, "We want a peaceful resolution to this conflict, but if peaceful resolution is out of the tables than an armed conflict it is."

In one way, it's not jarring to see a Yankees cap in a war zone. The Yanks topped the Red Sox and Dodgers as the best-selling team in Major League Baseball for all licensed merchandise sales in 2010.

However, this may be the first time in recorded history that a guy in a Yankees cap is fighting against the establishment.

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