Vice President Joe Biden has always been on record with his fanatical support of the Philadelphia Phillies. So why did the president's right-hand man say he's pulling for the Red Sox to make the playoffs?

Biden visited Boston for the third time this year on Wednesday, looking for dollars to help President Obama's bid for another term in the White House. But on the way to the event from New York, the Boston Globe reports, Biden led a prayer for the lousy Sox.

Biden explained to a group of supporters that his top Secret Service protector is from Boston. So before his plane landed, Biden addressed his staff, "I said everyone bow their head," Biden said. "We're going to say a prayer that Boston wins the wild card spot. I'm worried if in fact they don't, he's going to be so damn miserable he will not jump in front of a bullet."

The Red Sox's September swoon has seen them lose 19 of 26 games this month, With both Boston and Tampa Bay winning on Tuesday night, the teams are tied atop the AL wild card standings with matching 90-71 records. Wednesday is the final day of the regular season.

Biden was likely joking, but those are fightin' words to the 18,000 or so Rays fans (and possible swing voters) who half-fill Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

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