It figures to be many years before America produces another heavyweight champion boxer, but when it comes to dog ears, we're the king!

Harbor, a black-and-tan coonhound whose ears would make Dumbo jealous, has been crowned the living dog with the longest ears on the planet. The Guinness World Records handed down the award to Harbor, who's the proud owner of more than two feet of ears. His left ear measures 12.25 inches and his right drops a stunning 13.5 inches.

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Owner Jennifer Wert, of Boulder, Colo., told the Daily Mail that the tail-wagger can literally stop traffic on the street as curious strangers attempt to get a close look.

Guinness World Records 2012 reports 8-year-old Harbor's ear-span is bigger than the height of the world's tiniest man, Junrey Balawing, who's just 23.5 inches tall.

In addition, the world's shortest dog, six-inch Brandy (also an American!) could fit on each of Harbor's ears -- twice.

Want more? Of course you do. Harbor's ear-span is wider than the smallest road-legal car -- Perry Watkin's 'Wind Up' (British -- sigh), which is 26 inches wide.

The Coonhound breed is tailor-made to hunt raccoons. Those long ears are believed to help by sweeping scents towards the nose.

This just in: Jay Bilas has praised Harbor as "long."