Every athletic field in the nation's fifth largest park system has been impacted by shortage of water.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, even the size of the drought. 100% of the Lone Star state is in a drought with 88% of the state in the worse class known as Exceptional Drought.

The lack of rain has taken its toll on the state's athletes. City of Dallas officials have been forced to close between 20 and 25 athletic fields for safety reasons.

Ken Beam, manager of the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department, tells CBS 11 that the field have been shutdown because of the rainlessness, in order to make them safe for the children.

City officials have been spreading truck loads of dirt over the beat up fields to fill whats been described as "countless cracks, some that run as large as two feet deep."

Its not just ballplayers that are impacted, around 100 miles of bike trails in Dallas are also being hurt by the dry spell. The ground bellow the concrete trails is shrinking, as a result the concrete is breaking into pieces.

Beam says its going to take a number of years to fix all the damage mother nature's dehydration has caused.

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