A Boston area teenager got the surprise of his young life when ordering paintball gear.

Connor Whelhan of Bourne, Mass., placed an online order for a paint gun barrel, but when his package arrived, he got a box with nothing of the sort inside. Instead, Connor received a DVD labeled "For Men Only," boxes of Viagra and other "performance enhancing pills."

It gets worse: His mother and brother were standing next to him as he opened the shipment.

The 14-year-old boy thought he was being punk'ed. "At first I guess it was embarrassing," Connor told WHDH TV in Boston.

And in case you're suspicious of young Connor, the package had the teen's name on it and PaintBallOnline.com across the label.

Connor's mom told WHDH the package had no packing slip on the box and a bag with somebody else's name on it. Apparently it was supposed to be shipped to a gentleman in Japan. "I got this," Connor said, "and some guy in, what, Tokyo has my barrel."

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The company gave Connor his money back but wouldn't explain how they could send Viagra to a 14-year-old. In a statement to WHDH-TV, the company said it's "truly sorry" for the mixup and is working to make sure other customers don't have a similar mixup.

The only thing paintball and Viagra have in common is their popularity in the past decade. Paintball has become the third-largest alternative sport in the United States, according to American Sports Data Inc. Over 10 million people played paintball at least one time in 2006.

Hopefully Connor will get his chance to join them.

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