America's economy is at stall speed and the White House could have a new main resident after 2012, but none of that matters when it comes to Super Bowl television advertising.

NBC has almost sold out its entire block of advertising for Super Bowl XLVI with 151 days to go before the big game.

The Peacock network has an estimated 63 in-game slots for the showcase event of the National Football League season. Hollywood Reporter says as few as six commercials remain.

Thats an impressive figure when you consider that NBC is charging as much as $3.5 million her spot. Should the network get an average of $3.0 million per commercial, it'll bring in $189 million in advertising over three hours of pigskin paradise.

FOX brought in $3 million per commercial a season ago when more than half the total U.S. population saw at least part of the game between the Packers and Steelers, according to Nielsen.

NBC has pretty much sold out its Sunday Night Football inventory, thanks to huge ratings last year and what appears to be a loaded schedule with the Cowboys, Steelers, Giants and other popular teams this season.

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