Despite a summer of Yahoo! Sports investigative stories, pundit hand-wringing, and college football realignment talk, most Americans believe that student-athletes should not be compensated with a salary, according to a poll from Seton Hall University.

Bloomberg reports on the findings, which show 65 percent of those responding opposed paying student-athletes. Only 27 percent were supportive of compensation and 8 percent were on the fence with no opinion.

Keep in mind that CBS Sports and Turner will be writing checks for $771 million to the NCAA for television rights for the men's basketball tournament. and The Atlantic reports via research by Charles Clotfelter, an economist at Duke, the average salary for a head football coach at public universities is more than $2 million, up 750 percent (adjusted for inflation) since 1984.

Rick Gentile, the director of the Seton Hall Poll, told Bloomberg people aren't supportive of paying athletes because "They think they're getting scholarships and a free education."

These latest results are from a random phone survey by The Sharkey Institute at Seton Hall of 959 people across the U.S. Its margin of error is 3 percent.

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