The couple that runs together ... lives happily ever after?

A California couple had the strangest wedding of 2011 over the weekend. Sarah and Dimitry Kernasovsky tied the knot outside Salt Lake City. That's not news. But when you run for two days and don't get a good night's sleep before the biggest day of your life it sure is.

Salt Lake City's KUTV reports the Menlo Park, Calif., couple ran a 100-mile race together over two days, and without enough time to freshen up and shower, the pair got married at the finish line.

Dimitry, 28, and his bride Sarah, 25, both finished the 100-mile journey in 34 hours, 33 minutes and 37 seconds -- good for 44th and 35th place.

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"The worst part was around mile 90, I just wanted it done to get married." Dimitry said.

The Kernasovskys ran the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run. The race stretches from Layton, Utah to The Homestead in Midway, so the soulmates (solemates?) sweated their way around the picturesque Wasatch Mountains. This isn't for weekend warriors, mind you. The Wasatch Front 100 features a cumulative elevation gain of approximately 26,882 feet, as well as a cumulative loss of approximately 26,131 feet throughout the course.

Sarah grew up in the area and has always wanted to run the Wasatch.

"We figured there is no better symbol for our marriage than to work through a 100-mile race together," Sarah said.