If you need an extra boost to get past those midday blues at the office, chances are pretty good you've tried an energy drink. But that's become a lot harder if your office happens to be one of two National League ballparks.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Astros are attempting to stop players from using the popular beverages. USA Today's Bob Nightengale reports the clubs no longer provide energy drinks in their clubhouses and hope to convince players they are bad for their health.

The move hasn't gone over well with guys between the white lines. Arizona closer J.J. Putz tells USA Today, "It's asinine," and wonders if the extra-cautious franchise he pitches for will attempt to ban coffee or soft drinks next.

Houston started cutting back on the energy drink supply after pitcher Wesley Wright ended up in the emergency room in 2009 with dehydration. He said he drank several cans of Red Bull and soft drinks before pitching in a prior day game.

The D-Backs and Astros can't officially block big league players from using the popular energy drinks, as that's

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not allowed under the collective bargaining agreement. A spokesman for the players union says the group plans to look into the teams' actions.

Joel Hanrahan, all-star closer of the Pirates, says he drinks on average two Red Bulls a day. Hanrahan doesn't understand why some clubs are trying get rid of them.

"I don't see why it should be banned," he said. "You've got to go out there 162 games. You're playing 21 games in a row, and switching time zones, and you want to be mentally and physically ready.

"If fans can sit in the stands and drink it, why can't we drink it during games? We're human, too."

Several clubs have made the decision to ban minor leaguers from using clubhouse refrigerators to store their energy drinks. The union has no control over what goes on in the minors.

Major League Baseball's drug policy lists a number of banned substances: Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana, Opiates (heroin, codeine, morphine), Ecstasy, GHB and Phencyclidine. In addition, 45 different types of steroids and HGH are also forbidden, along with 30 different stimulants.

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