A 10-year season ticket holder to the San Jose Sharks is ready to throw down the gloves after being told he'll no longer be allowed to wear t-shirts to games that sport the logo of his business.

Jeffrey Stanley, co-owner of Bad Boy Bail Bonds, tells CBS San Francisco the Sharks are punishing him for ending a sponsorship agreement with the team. Stanley brings family and friends to sit in the four seats right behind the bench, they all sport company t-shirts to games, and it was never an issue for a decade until now.

After Stanley's company dropped its $70,000 a season sponsorship deal for banners on the home team's bench and in the visitor's penalty box, Stanley said the Sharks told him about their decision to ban shirts that include the Bad Boy Bail Bonds logo.

"They actually sent me a letter from their attorney saying you can no longer wear your shirts, and if you do, we're going to revoke your season tickets and not refund them," Stanley told KCBS Radio.

Stanley believes his constitutional rights as an American have been violated by the hockey club and he could end up taking legal action against his favorite team.

"We see a lot of other companies out there with their shirts and we were the only ones targeted," Stanley said.

A team spokesman has confirmed the shirt restriction, claiming the Sharks are just protecting their image.

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