It's not easy moving across the country. You've gotta get used to new grocery stores, new roads and new doctors. One NFL player has a more specific need: He's searching for a new yoga instructor.

Linebacker Tavares Gooden, released by the Ravens, just signed a one-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. Gooden was signed to play special teams but it's what he said to a reporter that sparked some interest.

The Sacramento Bee reports Gooden started doing yoga this summer to avoid injury. (He has missed 22 games over three seasons due to a number of maladies.) Now in a new city on the other side of the country, Gooden told the Bee he's searching around the Bay Area for a 49ers loving yoga instructor.

"I'm looking for a place out here where I can find a stretch doctor or a yoga instructor to help me out," he told the Bee. "I think I'll continue that because it has helped me out."

Gooden was involved in controversy at the University of Miami as a member of the underground rude, crude and lewd rap group 7th Floor Crew, which was made up of former and current Miami students. He used the rap name "T-Good."

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