You've heard of Lojack. Call this Tweetjack.

Trevor Crowe is projected to be one of the stars of the future for the Cleveland Indians, but for the now the outfielder will be best known for best use of social media to stop crime.

Crowe, who had right shoulder surgery in March, started a rehab assignment this week with Triple-A Columbus. But things didn't go too well for the 27-year-old off the field, as he lost his phone and believed it was stolen.

The Indians prospect warned his Twitter followers that they could be receiving some weird messages.

Then he came up with a plan:

Crowe sent out a message on Twitter with the number of his missing phone, hoping any thief (or even a good Samaritan) would be bombarded by fan phone calls.

No word on how effective his plan was, but it's a safe bet Crowe will have a new number by the time he gets back to the Major Leagues next week.

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